Credit Card Terminal & Reader App Reviews

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$49/mo + 2.9% + US$0.30 per sale?

This os an outrage, 0 stars for this company that takes advantage off small businesses.

Love my new credit card charging app!

Easy & quick with great US based customer support. Highly recommended by my friends. Glad I made the switch.

Great new simpler look 👍

Loving the new design. Especially on the iPad, the bigger fonts make for a much better counter-height experience. New icon is a great refinement of the old one. Very happy!

Just upgraded

Bought a new phone iPhone 6 for my biz. Perfect!

Do not use.

Stay away from this company. They do steal your money. I had a horrible experience with them. They used another corrupt company called Stripe.

Fantastic app

Great app. Easy to sign up and running transactions is so simple. The support team is great. Would recommend to anyone.


I purchased this app years ago. Yes paid for it. It use to connect to my account no problem. Now they charge fees to use your own merchant account. So on top of your merchant processing fees this app wants a monthly fee plus add there own processing fees. Avoid this garbage plenty of other apps that offer the same thing for free


I believe it would be good business to list your fees upfront. $40 a month is ridiculous for something PayPal does for free.

Bad App

$40 plus fees a month. Cheap. Fake paid reviews. Sad.

Stay Away!

Used this company for credit card transactions. I signed a contract with Innerfence who then uses PowerPay for the processing. I never signed a contract with PowerPay. After using the service there were many related fees that were undisclosed. When I tried to cancel the account they added additional fees. When I refused to pay $106.36 of fees to close the account they turned me over to collections. The Thomas Agency Collection Agency repeatedly harassed me even calling after 9pm. They continued to threaten to ruin my credit by turning this over to the credit bureau. I made several attempts to handle this in a professional manner with Innerfence with no success. I eventually paid the fees to cancel the service just to rid myself of this nightmare. I have been using Wave now for all business transactions and it has been a pleasant experience.

I feel cheated

The app did not tell me that there would be a monthly bill of $39 until after I signed up.


$ 39 per month for new Merchant? Are you normal?

Greedy app developer!

In addition to the monthly fee, transaction fee and percentage per transaction.. This app wants you to pay an additional monthly fee PLUS a another 2% cut per transaction? So a monthly fee and a percentage to my merchant and now another monthly and percentage to the app developer!? No thanks.

Are you kidding?

Who would pay 2% of a total sale and a fee each month on top of your merchant account charges to use this app?


They don't tell you it's $29/ month plus a percentage... Until after you sign up.


Everything works flawlessly until you try to open the TOS (terms of sale) and all of a sudden, "error, can't communicate with our servers. Try again later" I have a better idea; Deleted!

Tina L

I researched this companies policies and choose them over square because of the hold policy square had and some negative reviews. BAD DECISION!! This company uses stripe who pulled the same crap I read about square. I had a $1500 payment that was to be deposited within 7 days and on the 6th day I was told they had to hold my funds for 30 days because I sell coffee products from organo gold. Kyle the support rep at inner fence said I was the first this ever happened too even though I called him before I ever processed the transaction to see if they hold funds. I caution EVERYONE before selecting inner fence. You may be better off with square.


Works great. I can accept credit cards anywhere...even on job sites after I complete an installation. It's nice to not have to wait until I get back to the office. Plus there is no costly terminal to buy or rent. I love it and highly recommend it.

Great Support and Great App

Spoke with Mark and he helped me a lot with getting my business together and figuring everything out I need to know with the application. This application is very easy to use and this will be my main card processor for now on. Thanks again Mark!


Just another stupid company that doesn’t tell you up front it’s for the USA only, until the app farts out “zip code is invalid,” “state is required,” etc.


Great app. Worth downloading. Makes everything easier!

Rip off!!!!

That's by far tooooooo much! A Monthly fee additionally a transaction fee and additionally up to almost 4%! No way!

Change Skin color

The new update is all most ok The skin color looks poor


Super convenient. Can charge anytime and anywhere when I make a sale.

$25 a month

How can this have so many positive ratings and no comments. 25 month is ridiculous!





Accepting credit card payments from my iPhone

Now I can take my business with me! Great product, easy to setup and use. Thanks!

Credit card

Anyone else notice that's a legit credit card in the pic


This is the worst experience ever I filed a termination form and I still haven't gotten a response (you have to fax a termination form) it's been 2 days I think fax is faster than that


If doesn't work in US Territories it's a garbage App. Fix this ASAP!

Doesn't tell u about the $

You have to pay 25$ a month for support and service and that's a not told til after you register

Does what it supposed to

I wanted to accept credit cards for my IT consulting business for the longest time. Inner Fence walked me through the whole process easily and painlessly. The CC terminal has a quick and easy interface and my customers are very impressed as I have them "sign" their names on the iPhone screen. It is worth the money for having the convenience. Just wish they brought back the address book feature.

Awesome! 👏👏🍒🍒🍒👆👆👆

Worked correctly the first time! Does what it says it will do. No complaints. I installed it on my iPhone & iPad too. It works perfectly. I highly recommend this App.


We have used for several years and it has been great for us.

So happy!

I've been using this for two years now, fast easy. Never had a problem!

Best app ever. Never fails!

It has worked perfect for about 2 years now, no problems at all!

This company is a fraud

They confirmed my account was closed, but they have been charging my account for over a year. I have called the company and they still haven't refunded my money. They have been giving me the run around. This company is a fraud. I would not recommend this app.

Great app but

I have been using this app for almost 3 years now and I think it is great! Although I have gone back to using my IPhone 4 due to the fact that the iPhone 5 takes to long to load when connecting the cc reader. Other than that it works great!


Square reader is much cheaper and better. 'Nuf said.

Don't use this app! It will cost you$

I signed up for this app thinking it would take a percentage of the transactions I did with them. After signing up I got an email with my contract, and there was a monthly fee also. I immediately canceled, and never used it or there service but have been charged $33.00 this month, and I still am not sure if there will be more. I am a part time at home at nights small business, and that kind of hurts! I would recommend going with square. They are honest up front.

Innerfence App

No weekend customer service (when I'm doing art shows) didn't support transactions from cards issued in France or Australia. The monthly fee varies (higher) from the original agreement. Rates on card present transactions ranged up to 3.79%, and no it wasn't Amex. It's too expensive considering the new competitors for thus market. I'm tired of paying the monthly fee ranging from $25-$40. I used this product for over a year, keep searching.

Great App Worked without a glitch for 3.5 years, so far!

I did my research back in the day and I'm glad I did. Though now they charge a monthly fee, I just bought the App for 49.99. Good deal in the long term. I just got the iPhone 5 and had to set it up again, instant help from their online chat. Quick resolution. All Good! Nice folks!

Business owner

Wanted to get a scanner but didn't like the fact I had to give them my social security number and bank account number to get one square one send u one for free no numbers needed

New member and can't get on

Can wait to use site. Slow loading time.

Customer email addresses

Due to a change I have to communucate with the company but they were very helpful. I tried others. This still my favorite.

Best CC app for iPhone and iPad!

Solid. Works seamless with quicksale for iPad app and Been using for 2 years now and customer support is excellent.

Great Experience!

Great app and great customer service. I was able to get set-up with my merchant account really quick and the set-up was easy. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful!

WOW! Could not be more impressed. Sales Tax Calculations will be very helpful!

Been using this app for years now and the upgrades and support they continue to provide are very impressive. I would suggest this application to any mobile business that has the need to take credit cards. A+++++++++ Matthew

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